Friday, 15 August 2014

New Chapter

Jeans: Primark T-Shirt: Dad's 
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger Necklace: Claires

Hey guys! Long time no post!
Sorry for being on hiatus on my blog for quite some time now. I never found the time to update due to moving to a different country.

 It's a new chapter in my life. Nearly every beginning of anything is difficult but I believe that in time, things will get better.

 It was a hectic few weeks but everything is slowly falling into place again. 
So I'm back with a short post!
So for this outfit, I kept it extremely plain and simple. I wore my mint green pants along with my dad's oversized white V-neck. 
For the accessories, I threw on my gold chains and my chunky ring. I also used my new pink striped bag for a pop of color!
I planned to wear my baby pink beanie but took it off in the end. I didn't realise how high the temperatures were here in America during summer. That sounds dumb but I came from Ireland. That should justify my argument! 

Well that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I promise I'll try and post more frequently in the future.
See you in my next post!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Wild

Baseball Tee: Pull & Bear(Thrifted) High-waisted Shorts: Primark
Gold Chain Necklace: Claires Platformed Canvas Shoes: Local Shop

Hey guys! Sorry for being so MIA her on my blog for two weeks!
I have a lot of things going on at the moment and I just never found the time.
Here's a quick post for you guys anyway!
I wore my new thrifted baseball tee in this look. I absolutely fell in love with this
the first time I saw it. At first, I thought the print was a wolf..
(because you know.. EXO fan right here!)
But It's just a tiger. It's all good though. Tigers are cool too!
I paired the tee with my high waisted shorts and my white platformed shoes.
For jewellery, I just wore my double gold chain necklace.

Sorry for the lack of photos! I was taking these while my friends were in the room.
Doesn't it bother you sometimes when people look at you while taking photos?
I felt a bit conscious... Oh well!

That's it for this one! Hope y'all are having a fantabulous day!
See you in my next post!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Grungy Lilac

Sweater: LK Bennett Skirt: Primark
Boots: TK Maxx  Cardigan: M&S

Hello to all you beautiful people!
Hope y'all had a pretty good Sunday. 
I return with a more dressy but not exactly girly kind of outfit.
So it was actually my brother's birthday on the day I wore this. 
I acknowledged the fact that he literally does not wear any other colour except for black and white.
It's kind of silly but meh. We all have our own style!
Anyways, that is why I went with a very plain black and grey base 
which was my black sweater and grey skirt!
For shoes, I wore my trusty black boots.
 Despite my desires to dress without any colour at all, I couldn't.
So I threw on my lilac cardigan as a personal touch to my outfit.
I also wore my quirky little robot necklace.
Okay these last two photos we're supposed to be for IG because I recently hit 1k followers!
I held a S4S thing to reach my goal and I got so much support from them.
I really didn't expect it. I was going to take the announcement down after 30 minutes 
because no one responded..
But they all started rolling in! It was quite overwhelming really. 
Haha anyway this is me being cute saying "I <3 U" to everyone.

And that's it! Thank you guys for checking this out!
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See you in my next post! 

Friday, 27 June 2014

New York City

Sweatshirt: Primark Shorts: DIY
Boots: TK Maxx 

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm back with another casual but slightly edgy look.
To start off with, I wore my NYC baggy sweatshirt.
I didn't want to be carrying around a jacket on that specific day so
I went with this since it had long sleeves and it kept me cool throughout the day
with it's breathable material.
To balance with the bagginess of the sweatshirt,
I went with my grey body-hugging shorts.
I put on some black tights since these shorts were a little bit on the short side,
and because I didn't really want to show some bare skin that day.
I wore no jewellery because I felt the colours on my sweatshirt were already so 
'loud' I guess? And I didn't really feel like wearing any that day.  Hihi ^u^
And to finish it off, I went with my black boots.
These babies gave the look that dash of edge to it and I think it was perfect
with my black/white fluffy socks and black tights.

And that's it! Thank you guys for checking this out!
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See you in my next post!

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Dungarees/Overalls: Primark Top: Mom's
Shoes: Local Shop

Hello hello again!
I'm back with another look that is perfect for those hot summer days.
First of all, there is currently a heatwave here in Ireland so I stayed away 
from the dark colours since those absorb heat.

So I went with my light acid wash dungarees/overalls!
It was the perfect fit to wear since my sisters and I were 
out all day and night. We went camping out in their backyard.
Yeah, how awesome are we. VERY.

This was also perfect because we were literally stuffing ourselves with 
food (as usual) any time we had the chance. 
The overalls helped to cover my stuffed and bloated tummy.
Originally, I thought these overalls made me look like I've gained a bit of 
weight since it kind of widens my hip area.
But I wore them anyway since comfort and convenience was my aim.
I love the detailing on the back.
 It made me feel so breezy!
I wore my white platformed shoes to give me a bit of height.
And finally for jewelry, I wore a simple heart necklace and my ring that
you've seen in my previous posts.

I had an amazing time out with the girls that day! 
Camping out, squished in one tent was warm and comfortable during the night.
As it approached dawn however, it got so cold.
But the overall first time experience of sleeping outside was just awesome!

And that's it! Thanks for checking this out! 
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See you in my next post!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Baby Pink

Top: N/A  Skirt: Primark 
Shoes: Primark Sunglasses: Mom's
Necklace&Bracelet: Gift

Hey guys! As you can probably tell from my attire, 
summer finally came here in Ireland!
I can't even begin tell you how hot it is here.
I didn't want to carry around a cardigan to cover my arms so
I decided to go with my baby pink long sleeve top. 
It's light and soft and didn't suffocate me from the heat that day.
I paired it with my soft grey speckled skirt. 
I didn't want to wear anything body hugging so jeans/shorts were a no no.
 I wore my dark sunglasses to shield my eyes from those
harsh sun rays. Gotta keep safe from those UV-Rays!
I wore my aztec printed flats because they're just super comfy to walk around in
and effortless to slip on.

 Finally for accessories, I kept it simple with my brown religious rosary bracelet.
But added a bit of quirk to the outfit with my panda necklace.

That's it! Thank you so much for checking this out!
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I hope y'all are having fabulous weather wherever you guys live.
Have a nice summer everyone!
 See you in my next post!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Gone Brunette

Plaid Shirt: Primark Tank Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21 Shoes: Primark

 Happy Friday Everyone!
You'll probably notice that my surroundings are different from the rest of my posts.
It's because I actually had the opportunity to take outfit shots 
outside along with my real sisters yesterday.
They took these photos! You can check out one of them who also has a fashion blog here
and the other one's instagram account here.
 I went for a very basic outfit. 
Skinny jeans, tank top and a plaid shirt.
 I didn't wear much layers since it was blazing hot that day!
Here's a few close ups of everything...

I finished off the look with my black and white aztec printed flats!
I forgot to wear accessories... oops!

And did I mention I dyed my hair to a lighter brown? 
It came out lighter than my preference but it'll have to do.
 I took a few outfit shots inside too just in case the ones taken outside weren't that 'flattering'.
They turned out fine but I decided to just chuck these photos in too because why not? 
Hehe :)

I had so much fun yesterday! It was nice to just chill and hang out at my house.
The weather was also super pleasant with a refreshing breeze.

And that's it! Thank you for checking this out!
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See you in my next post!

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Dress&Cardigan: Primark Shoes: TK Maxx
Bracelet: Car boot Ring: Gift

 Hi guys!!!
Sorry (your welcome) for blocking my face with these kawaii smileys.
My face was being really stupid and more unattractive than usual.
Anyway, moving on to the actual plot of this post!
For the base of everything, I wore my simple black skater dress.
 It's plain and comfortable. Easy to style with other items.

 As I was aware that I'd be spending the day outside in the sun, I decided to keep
the layers to a minimum. So I just wore my trusty, breezy, burgundy cardigan!
For shoes, I wore my black boots! These were super comfy to walk around in during the day!
For jewellery, I put on my black bracelet and my black gem ring to pair it with.
I think this went well with the whole dark colour scheme of the whole ensemble.
I also decided to wear some black sunglasses at the last minute.
It was a life saver since the sun literally almost blinded me. HA!

Had such a fun and interesting day! Thanks for checking this out!
See you in my next post guys!