Saturday, 21 June 2014


Dungarees/Overalls: Primark Top: Mom's
Shoes: Local Shop

Hello hello again!
I'm back with another look that is perfect for those hot summer days.
First of all, there is currently a heatwave here in Ireland so I stayed away 
from the dark colours since those absorb heat.

So I went with my light acid wash dungarees/overalls!
It was the perfect fit to wear since my sisters and I were 
out all day and night. We went camping out in their backyard.
Yeah, how awesome are we. VERY.

This was also perfect because we were literally stuffing ourselves with 
food (as usual) any time we had the chance. 
The overalls helped to cover my stuffed and bloated tummy.
Originally, I thought these overalls made me look like I've gained a bit of 
weight since it kind of widens my hip area.
But I wore them anyway since comfort and convenience was my aim.
I love the detailing on the back.
 It made me feel so breezy!
I wore my white platformed shoes to give me a bit of height.
And finally for jewelry, I wore a simple heart necklace and my ring that
you've seen in my previous posts.

I had an amazing time out with the girls that day! 
Camping out, squished in one tent was warm and comfortable during the night.
As it approached dawn however, it got so cold.
But the overall first time experience of sleeping outside was just awesome!

And that's it! Thanks for checking this out! 
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See you in my next post!

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