Friday, 27 June 2014

New York City

Sweatshirt: Primark Shorts: DIY
Boots: TK Maxx 

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm back with another casual but slightly edgy look.
To start off with, I wore my NYC baggy sweatshirt.
I didn't want to be carrying around a jacket on that specific day so
I went with this since it had long sleeves and it kept me cool throughout the day
with it's breathable material.
To balance with the bagginess of the sweatshirt,
I went with my grey body-hugging shorts.
I put on some black tights since these shorts were a little bit on the short side,
and because I didn't really want to show some bare skin that day.
I wore no jewellery because I felt the colours on my sweatshirt were already so 
'loud' I guess? And I didn't really feel like wearing any that day.  Hihi ^u^
And to finish it off, I went with my black boots.
These babies gave the look that dash of edge to it and I think it was perfect
with my black/white fluffy socks and black tights.

And that's it! Thank you guys for checking this out!
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See you in my next post!

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