Sunday, 8 June 2014


Dress&Cardigan: Primark Shoes: TK Maxx
Bracelet: Car boot Ring: Gift

 Hi guys!!!
Sorry (your welcome) for blocking my face with these kawaii smileys.
My face was being really stupid and more unattractive than usual.
Anyway, moving on to the actual plot of this post!
For the base of everything, I wore my simple black skater dress.
 It's plain and comfortable. Easy to style with other items.

 As I was aware that I'd be spending the day outside in the sun, I decided to keep
the layers to a minimum. So I just wore my trusty, breezy, burgundy cardigan!
For shoes, I wore my black boots! These were super comfy to walk around in during the day!
For jewellery, I put on my black bracelet and my black gem ring to pair it with.
I think this went well with the whole dark colour scheme of the whole ensemble.
I also decided to wear some black sunglasses at the last minute.
It was a life saver since the sun literally almost blinded me. HA!

Had such a fun and interesting day! Thanks for checking this out!
See you in my next post guys! 

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